3 Essential Mobile Marketing Metrics to Achieve App Success

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Wrong data would result in bad impact. No measuring of data would push your app into stagnancy. Measuring the right data in the wrong way would hamper your efforts of stabilizing your app. So there should be right mobile marketing metrics that can track your app success. In fact, having right mobile marketing metrics is key for all app marketers and mobile app development companies India, USA and across the worlds to build better apps and better engage customers.

Before starting to know app metrics, let’s go into financial metrics that all startups should have a great understanding of:

Key financial metrics are:

  • Breakeven analysis
  • Breakeven point
  • Cash balance
  • Fixed vs. variable costs
  • Burn rate
  • Cash flow
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Profit


Let’s now look into mobile app metrics:


  1. Lifetime Value of Customer (LVC) and Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)

You should have a clear strategy for both LVC and ARPU. When it comes to mobile app, LVC defines how much a user is worth to your company in his/her lifetime usage.

Early-age startups face difficulty to estimate LVC. One easy way to estimate it is studying similar companies in your industry.

On the other hand, ARPU is defined as the total revenue divided by the number of users.

Ultimately, both LVC and ARPU are key to measure the profit your business would get.


  1. User Retention

Apple App Store and Google Play Store together have more than 5 million apps. But around 85% of users use only 4 to 5 apps on a regular basis. On the other hand, 8 out of 10 users never use the app again 48 hours after installing the app. So it is extremely essential for iOS and Android app development companies Bangalore, India, USA and nook and corner of the world to build their apps in a way that that retain users’ interest.

Most people use only few apps that could be WhatsApp, Facebook, and few others. User retention is really a challenge for most app-centric businesses.

The objective of any customer retention effort is to retain users and along with them, making them use the app or purchase products regularly.

People would download your app by being attracted to your marketing tactics. But the real challenge is making them regular users. This is where push notifications, and app updates come into help.

  1. CPI and CPLU

CPI means Cost Per Acquisition, whereas CPLU means Cost Per Loyal User.

In definition, CPI is an amount of money your company invests to acquire one user who installs your app. CPI can be derived from a variety of factors. For example, in order to acquire users, you may go for Facebook advertising, app store advertising and many other prevalent marketing channels.

CPI is calculated in the following way:

Total expenditure on ads ÷ total installs = cost per install

Example: $3,000 (ads) ÷ 1000 (installs) = $3 CPI

CPLU is defined as the amount of money you spend to build and retain a loyal user.

A report by the mobile marketing technology company Fiksu DSP can give you the better overview of CPLU and CPI. Here is a glimpse of the report:

The average global CPLU for mobile apps is $2.51 (April 2016), the average global CPI for Android is $2.42 (January 2016) and the average global CPI for iOS is $1.88 (January 2016).


The number of apps is growing at a rapid rate in the app stores, so competition is really juggernaut. But your app’s success doesn’t merely depend on marketing. A successful app is a combination of solid app development and effective marketing. Instability of one side can completely damage the whole app. Make sure you collaborate with an expert mobile app development company in India, US or in your preferred region and get your app developed.

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How to Make Your Employees Well Aware of Your Business?

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It is a very big challenge for small businesses to give training for their employees about their business. But mobile apps can remove this hurdle. Mobile apps are important, in fact, they are an integral part of anyone’s life today like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and other social media networks today. Today all or most of these apps are linked with sales app, communication app, etc. Anyway, it is important for a small business to make their employees well aware of their business. How to do it? Let me tell.

How to train employees on mobile technology?

Every startup company and enterprise would have their own way of training new employees, so this is the right time to include mobile technology into your business to achieve success. There are many of companies who are already developing mobile applications with the help of mobile apps development companies Mumbai and Delhi NCR, India. Let me provide you a step by step guide to make you understand how to train employees on mobile technology.

Tips to Train Staff on Mobile Technology

  1. Understanding Business Potential on Social Media

Presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest is must for today’s businesses. Some people make their purchase on these apps, so some companies target here to get direct customers. You should make your employees aware of this. Here you can suggest employees how to display advertisement and business profile.

  1. Social Media Interaction

Your business may not use every social media network like Pinterest, Instagram etc., but employees need to analyze those apps for the growth of your business. Employees should know how does a post help customers and what kind content is required to get customers’ attention?

  1. Online Reviews

Positive reviews on social media play major role in getting customers’ attention. The reviews give you an idea on your business success and it builds your business reputation as well. LinkedIn and Facebook apps are big business apps that help business owners generate more revenue in a short period of time. So today businesses across the world are increasingly ardent to develop mobile apps with the help of top mobile apps development companies India. Your dedicated employees can reply to customers’ reviews.

  1. Discounts Through Mobile Apps

If your business is planning to give discounts on product and services, then your employee should know how the offers are generated. They have to know about offers that are offered not just on social media, but also through email and website. Every employee of your business should aware of this discounts because if a customer contacted customer support executive, he/she has to know about the offer. If not, then that is the failure of the business. So every one of your employees must be updated about offers.

  1. Payment Apps

Nowadays, a number of customers who make payment through payment app is increasing at a rapid rate. Most the companies are already on one or another online payment channel, so you have to train your employees on how to handle payment apps. For your information, the best android and iPhone apps development company in Delhi ncr and Mumbai, India are internationally recognized for developing payment apps.

  1. Your Business App

Your app is more obviously used to bring in customers. On the other hand, your employees should know about app’s key features and the role of it in the business.


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How to Improve Speaking Skills with the Mobile Apps?

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You can become a sales person if you have a good speak skill. But if you want to become an admired speaker in front of others then you need to identify your speaking weaknesses as well, so you may need to learn verbal tactics on regular practice.

Today you have everything on Google and app store to learn verbal tactics and other speaking techniques. Below I am listing out 7 top mobiles apps that are developed by top mobile app development companies. The app will help you identify your mistakes in speaking and improve your speaking skills in real time.

  1. LikeSo

If you have a habit of saying some words like hmm, actually, so, like, right etc. and if you are unable to avoid such words while talking, then mobile app called LikeSo will help you monitor the call and check how many times you have used those words in the call. You can practice with the TalkAbout mode on call, which gives you suggested prompts or use the FreeStyle mode.


Price: $0.99

Platform: iOS


  1. Ummo

To get greater insights into your speech patterns, Ummo app helps you. The app helps you fully analyze your conversation on parameters like total words talked, time speaking, speed of talk, average volume, filler word frequency and clarity of talk. There are many other similar apps on Play Store developed by the best iOS apps development companies.  


Price: $1.99

Platforms: iOS


  1. Um Counter

It is an Android app and helps you have better speaking skills. The app tracks your words like “um” that are used often and it will suggest alternative words for the same.


Price: Free

Platform: Android


  1. VirtualSpeech

If you feel shy or uncomfortable in front of others to practice, then you can practice with VirtualSpeech app, which gives you feeling like you’re speaking with a real person. The app works with Google Cardboard and gives a highly realistic VR. Other fine features of the app include conference room, meeting room, and that can be used to practice.


The app doesn’t just create audience moves and respond like at a real event, but also create a good musical environment. Once you are done speaking, the app will analyze your performance and gives you feedback.


Price: $ 2.99

Platform: iOS


  1. Presentation Timer Pro

Salespeople often find difficulty to keep their meetings on schedule. Presentation Timer Pro allows you to identify checkpoints throughout the presentation or change topics. You can also track the overall remaining time. The app will automatically silence the incoming call while you are presenting if the app is opened.


Price: Free

Platform: Android


  1. Negotiation360

Negotiation360 can help you improve your negotiation skills by analyzing your relationship-building and analytical skills. When you get to know your strong or weak points of speaking skills, you can effectively negotiate with them. The app helps you do the same. Once after you get your style of negotiation, you’ll get a “negotiation scorecard” that is generated by analyzing your performance.

Price: $4.99

Platform: iOS


Looking to develop a similar app?

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